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In today’s world of marketing, influencer marketing is critical for your business’s success. It is a practice of partnering with influential people in your industry who know its ins and outs to promote your products or services to their audience. These influencers are generally known as bloggers who use various digital platforms for blogging or sharing information about the particular industry with their followers. As a result, their audience follows them and believes their words or recommendations.

Finding the right bloggers within your budget that match your industry and have a large number of followers is a challenging task. You cannot expect to persuade influential bloggers in your industry to promote your products or services to their followers without offering perks or rates they demand. This is where TMR Hong Kong comes to your rescue. We are an experienced physical and digital market agency with an extensive network of connections with recognized bloggers and influencers in diverse industries. We make your entire task of searching and hiring bloggers convenient, cost-effective, and super fast.

Take Our Blog Plus Service to Develop Your Brand Awareness and Following

With TMR Hong Kong as your partner, you can access hundreds of bloggers from your particular industry. Whether you want to hire a single blogger or more for different online platforms, we have you covered. We lift the burden of hiring off your and your team’s shoulders so you can focus on developing and growing your business. Our bloggers do their job of developing your brand awareness and following, taking your business to the next level.

Saves Your Resources, Time, and Money

Although there are a massive number of bloggers, finding and recruiting the right blogger who becomes your brand ambassador is an uphill task. It is because you need to consider many factors to hire a blogger. You may need to dedicate a team to find contacts, negotiate, schedule meetings, and manage bloggers. This wastes plenty of time, resources, and money.

Alternatively, taking the help of TMR Hong Kong for the task lifts a huge burden off your shoulders. We have a team of experts to manage the entire process from start to end on your behalf. So you can just relax and enjoy the fruits of our hard work.

Cost-Effective Services

When you hire bloggers by yourself, they can cost you more than you expect because you may not have the knowledge about the latest market trends, rates, and other things. This means you end up paying them more, taking much part of your marketing budget. This is not a winning deal. Instead, your collaboration with TMR Hong Kong enables you to get cost-effective Blog Plus services because we know the current market trends and rates. So we connect you with the most influential bloggers from your industry at the most competitive rates.

Comprehensive and Seamless Bloggers Management

Hiring bloggers for your brand is not the end of the task. It’s a beginning. You have to manage the entire marketing campaign, the content you want bloggers to promote, their schedule, and more. You may need to assign this task to your team members, wasting valuable time and money and affecting your business progress. Therefore, TMR Hong Kong provides you with comprehensive and seamless bloggers management services.

Our team of professionals manages everything, including schedule, blogger contents, marketing content, and more, preventing the mixing of details and minimizing the risk of serious errors. We can handle hundreds of bloggers at a time due to our streamlined and robust process, so you need nothing to worry about.

Fast Recruitment

It can take you many days or weeks to hire the blogger(s) you desire for your brand without the right contacts and database. This can slow down your marketing efforts and waste your budget. TMR Hong Kong provides you with the most desirable bloggers for your business without delays. We have contacts of a massive number of bloggers in various niche industries, which allow us to search for the right blogger according to your specific criteria as quickly as possible.

Fully Integrated Blog Plus Services

Unlike other companies that only provide you with bloggers and leave the rest to you, we provide a fully integrated solution for your marketing needs. Our skillful and experienced team takes care of everything from selecting bloggers to negotiation, management, and support. This comprehensive service means you can create a winning marketing strategy for your blogger’s campaign without the hassle of handling it and win your target audience quickly and efficiently.

Who Can Benefit From Blog Plus?

At TMR Hong Kong, we have developed a simple and streamlined process that enables you to accomplish your marketing goals and objectives.

How does Our Process Work?

We do Blog-Boardacst in a different way, with strategies developed to fit your company and also your spending plan today while providing it area to expand tomorrow. cosmetics, hospitality, education, travel, manufacturing, fashion, and various others– there’s a prepare for you.


Get in touch with us


Discuss your business, its goals, and objectives


We create a strategic plan to select the right bloggers for your business


Execute the service according to the plan

Now start with 3 ways

We do Blog-Boardacst in a different way, with strategies developed to fit your company and also your spending plan today while providing it area to expand tomorrow. cosmetics, hospitality, education, travel, manufacturing, fashion, and various others– there’s a prepare for you.

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