End-to-End Brand Activation and Event Management with Performance Plus

Are you finding it challenging to manage your next big event seamlessly? Do you want to target a specific audience for your marketing event to generate leads but don’t know how to do that? Do you want to develop brand recognition by delivering lasting experiences? Do you want to deliver an exciting and memorable event without stress?

At TMR Hong Kong Limited, we have you covered for all your event management and brand awareness needs. We provide end-to-end brand activation and event management solutions that help your business connect with your target audience and drive massive leads. Whether you want to arrange a family carnival or annual shopping festival or want to plan a promotional event for your business, we help you execute flawless events that touch the heart of your audience. With more than ten years of experience in event management and performance arrangements, we ensure to attend to every detail of your event with utmost care and precision. Our team of professionals leaves no stone unturned, making your event a talk of the town.

What is the Performance Plus?

Performance Plus is our exclusive event management package covering everything, including enthralling and fun performances of our experienced artists. This unique package gives you peace of mind regarding your event arrangements as our experts handle planning to execution.

How can Performance Plus Boost Your Brand Presence and ROI?

Our performance plus package has all that you need to sit back, relax, and witness the massive success of your event. We do the heavy lifting, from strategic event planning to making personnel arrangements, preparing the venue, allocating resources, and event performers. We have a team of highly skilled performers, including an acrobatic team, magic show performers, dance troupes, and other artists, to add a feather in your cap. By leveraging our performance plus services, you can boost your brand presence and get maximum return on your investment.

Benefits of Choosing

Performance Plus

End-to-End Event Management Solution

Performance plus package provides an end-to-end event management solution that takes the burden of arranging the entire event off your shoulders. We discuss your needs and goals to do strategic event performance planning and ensure immaculate execution.

Customer Engagement

Based on your needs and goals, we integrate the performance elements that resonate with the interest and preferences of your brand and target audience. As a result, we ensure that our performances engage the immediate attention of your potential audience, making your event a huge success.

Simple, Fast, and Affordable

Our performance plus package offers a simple, fast, and affordable solution for event arrangements. So whether you want to arrange an event for your special offer or like to arrange a product launch event without hassle, you can do it quickly and cost-effectively with TMR Hong Kong.

Seamless Execution

At TMR Hong Kong, we have all the resources, equipment, and experienced team to ensure the seamless execution of your event. Moreover, we take charge of everything from start to finish so you can attend to other important aspects of your business.

Who Can Take Benefit from Performance Plus?

Commercial Enterprises

Private Residential Clubhouses


Type of Performances We Offer in Performance Plus

Do you want to glamorize and give a unique touch to your event? Are you looking for a splendid and amazing performance at your event that instantly catches people’s attention? We have you covered. At TMR Hong Kong, we have teams of brilliant artists and performers who can make your event stand out and talk of the town. All our performers are trained and experienced artists who have performed on many different events for various brands.

Whether you want to arrange a puppet show or acrobatics to amuse your audience or a grand parade to attract the attention of the masses, we offer a range of fantastic performances. You can discuss your event needs and goals with us, and our experts help you select the best performance that meets your requirements and budget. We ensure that your event makes a lasting impression on your audience and they remember your brand for a long time.

1. Magic

Do you want to mesmerize your event attendees with amazing show performances? Are you looking for a magic show performance that takes your event to the next level? TMR Hong Kong helps you arrange the magic performance that blows away the minds of your guests, making them speechless. Whether corporate, indoor, private, non-profit, product launch, or any other event, our magicians cast a spell on the audience that leaves a lasting impression.

We have a team of experienced and entertaining magicians that makes your event an affair to remember. Our talented magicians give any event a spark, from creating mind-bobbling illusions to witty humor and showing magic with sleight of hand to brain ticking tricks. Enjoy watching your event attendees cheering, laughing, and thoroughly enjoying your event with our magic performances.

At TMR Hong Kong, we can customize a magic show performance according to your needs and budget. We discuss your requirements, and our experts provide you with a pocket-friendly offer to ensure your event becomes a talk of the town. Plus, we can help you make all arrangements for your occasion for seamless and perfect execution from start to finish.


2. Clown

Who doesn’t love clowns? Kids, adults, teenagers, and the elderly love the clumsy, funny, and colorful clowns. They can fill any event with fun, laughter, and entertainment. Dressed in colorful attire with a round red nose, clowns are perfect entertainment for any occasion. At TMR Hong Kong, we help you make your event memorable with our fun-filled clown performance. Our experienced clown performers make your audience laugh out loud throughout their interactive performance.
Our clown performers offer dynamic, versatile, and vibrant interactive entertainment that captivates the attention of your guests. We can also arrange magician clowns to perform extraordinary magic tricks and incredible illusions that wow your audience. Our exceptional clown performers can present unique characters, a wide range of comedy routines, and magic with sleight of hands. They also invite your guests on stage to make the whole event much more engaging and entertaining.
We can custom-tailor the clown performance according to the requirements of your event within your budget. We can modify our clown performance to appeal to a wide range of audiences while adjusting the length and content of the performance to meet your event needs.


3. Stilts

Bring brilliance and attraction to any event with our trained and experienced stilt walkers. Whether it’s a private party, product launch, corporate, or any other event, the performance of stilt walkers can add dazzle to your event. At TMR Hong Kong, our team of stilt walkers can give awesome stilt walking performances in various themed costumes while performing different entertaining acts like juggling, clowning, and much more. Our stilt walkers ensure to deliver larger-than-life, impactful, and highly engaging entertainment that mesmerizes your audience.

With the help of our expert stilt walkers, you can set a unique tone for your party and become noticeable to everyone. The eye-catching props, vibrant costumes, and outstanding performances of our stilt walkers convey your messages perfectly. This makes them ideal for shopping center events, branding and marketing events, exhibitions and parades, corporate events, private parties, and weddings. They’re also a great choice to entertain your audience while adhering to social distancing protocol in the present scenario.

TMR Hong Kong can provide you with stilt walker performers according to your event theme and requirements. We ensure that our stilt walkers grab the instant attention of your audience at any event.


4. Bubble Show

Everyone loves bubbles. Color shifting, small and big bubbles bring a smile to everyone’s face. Whether it’s a corporate event, a private party, product launch, festival, or any event, bubbles have the power to make all occasions fun and joyful. They can take your guests to a whole new world by creating enchanting illusions using soapy bubbles. TMR Hong Kong can help you make your event unique and memorable for your guests with a brilliant bubble show performance.
Our experts can wow your guests with their bubble acts and enable spectators to observe the magic happening when chemistry and physics meet. With our bubble performers, your audience enters the magical world of bubbles giving them a visually stunning experience. As this performance has no language barriers, people of all ages and nationalities can enjoy it thoroughly.
We can arrange a customized bubble show to meet the needs of your particular event. Our dynamic and versatile bubble show combines extraordinary tricks, magic, unique colors, fantasy, smoke bubbles, and much more. Choose for your indoor or outdoor events and let your audience experience something astonishing.


5. Diabolo

Diabolo is a performance that involves an incredible range of tricks using diabolos. We can lighten up your event with our fantastic diabolo artists to delight and surprise your audience. The captivating performances of our diabolo artists promise to provide excellent entertainment making your event memorable and a talk of the town for a long time. This unique act is something that you should consider including in your event and celebrations.

We have an extraordinarily talented and experienced team of diabolo artists who perform with agility, grace, balance, and precision. Our diabolo artists create fantastic visual illusions, complicated shapes, and much more by using props, adding a wow element to their performance. Through their natural creativity and choreography expertise, our professional diabolo performers guarantee a successful show.

At TMR Hong Kong, we can customize diabolo performance to fit your occasion. Whether you are arranging a gala dinner, corporate event, product launch ceremony, branding event, or any other event, our diabolo performance is available to deliver entertainment to your guests.


6. Juggling

A juggler has the unique skill of juggling various items to astound and entertain the audience. If you’re looking for a talented and experienced juggler for your event, we have you covered. You can add awe-aspiring entertainment to your next event with mesmerizing juggling performance. Our professional jugglers can give an incredible display of skills providing a truly unique and engaging experience to the attendees. At TMR Hong Kong, we give you a choice to book an individual juggler, a duo, or a team of jugglers who can perform various acts at your event. Moreover, we can also provide roving jugglers to provide more intimate entertainment.

Our jugglers can incorporate comedy, juggling duo, knives, balls, discs, and more into their act that never fails to leave a lasting impression on the audience. They not only entertain them but also creates a playful and fun atmosphere for everyone. Their manipulation magic and complex patterns amaze your audience and make your event memorable for them. We can also provide customized juggling performance according to the needs of your event within your budget.


7. Busking

Simply put, busking is an act of playing a musical instrument or/and singing, juggling, or any other entertaining activities in public places. The charming vocals, melodic music, and outstanding skills are bound to attract everyone’s attention. It’s an excellent way to get your message to the audience and promote your brand. At TMR Hong Kong, we have high-performing and skillful busking artists who can help make your event unique and attention-grabbing.

We have busking singers, musicians, jugglers, street artists, and many others to give an edge to your event and amaze your audience. Our team can personalize the busking performance to create a perfect entertainment and fun package for your occasion. They can dress up in special themed dresses or casual clothing to deliver your event’s message to the audience in an impactful way. You can book them for corporate events, private parties, brand promotion, marketing, and any occasion.

Our team of busking artists gives an extraordinary performance at all types of events. You can also book busking artists with other performers such as magicians, jugglers, clowns, and others. This enables you to customize your event performances according to the preferences of your audience and your budget.


8. Balloon Twisting

Balloon twisting is a unique art that can provide an interactive and highly entertaining experience to the audience. If you want to engage and entertain guests of all ages, book our balloon-twisting artist. We have skillful and experienced balloon-twisting artists to create mind-blowing balloon structures, sculptures, and more. Our artists can create inflatable and colorful masterpieces for your corporate event, wedding parties, birthday parties, product launches, promotional events, and more.

The balloon twisting activity is a vibrant, unique, and great fun activity for people of all ages. Booking our balloon artists for your upcoming event will leave a lasting impression on your audience while bringing them joy and laughter. Our artists have charming personalities and perform with elegance and patience.

They ensure to make your event a talk of the town. We can provide you with a customized balloon twisting service combined with other artistic performances. This will enhance the overall look and entertaining aspects of your event.

Our professional balloon artists provide a pleasing and interactive experience that quickly builds your following. They can create a massive range of balloon art pieces from sculptures to centerpieces, balloon costumes, to various unique items.


9. Parade

The parade includes walking characters, entertainment activities, and artists dressed in colorful themed clothes marching through the streets to entertain the audience. The parade sight is a delight to the spectators. At TMR Hong Kong, we can custom-design your parade to match your event requirements and theme. Our exclusive parade event is sure to create memorable moments for your audience.

You can include our talented and creative balloon twisting artists, clowns, stilt walkers, magicians, and other artists in your versatile parade event. Parade allows you to give a more personalized feel to the entire event. It offers a perfectly interactive and engaging entertainment option that makes your audience a part of the occasion.

Our performing artists, acrobats, jugglers, clowns, dancers, and others enchant your audience during one to two hours of the parade. They feel transported to a magical land. Our parade artists will march past and interact with every passerby. While crafting a perfect parade event, our versatile specialists consider your wishes, goals, and objectives to ensure that show meets your expectations. Our parade is ideal for various events, including corporate, private parties, promotional, product launches, and any other celebration.


10. Puppet

Who doesn’t love puppets? These are inanimate characters, and puppet artists infuse life into them through creativity. At TMR Hong Kong, we can provide you with fun-filled, highly engaging, and family entertainment with our puppet show. These shows are ideal for entertaining your guests of all ages at any event, from special celebrations to corporate events, brand promotion to product launch, and other occasions. Our puppet artists tell exciting and intriguing stories through fun puppets that give lasting memories to your audience. Your audience will fall in love with our adorable, funny, and unique puppet characters.

We can also combine puppet shows with other activities to enhance the overall appeal of your event. Our puppet shows can also include jugglers, clowns, stilt walkers, and other artists who make your audience laugh and have fun. With our spell-binding puppet shows, you can creatively convey your message to the target audience. Our team of expert puppeteer can work with you to develop a custom-designed puppet show that appeals to your audience and dazzle them.


11. African Drums

African drums performance is a powerful unified drumming experience that can energize and engage your audience. It’s a dynamic and versatile performance of African drums that works like magic. This distinctive drumming is beyond boundaries because everyone can engage with the rhythm language. It can attract the masses to participate in the performance, dancing on the beat bringing everyone together. It’s a magical, interactive, and musical experience that people will remember for years to come.

At TMR Hong Kong, we provide you with artistic and experienced African drum performers for any event. Whether you want to promote your brand, product, or arranging a corporate event or a private party, our African drums enable you to achieve more than you expect. You can put small or big shows according to your requirements, goals, and budget. The indigenous rhythms and vocals unlock musical vibes that make your audience dance to the beat. They enjoy every bit of our African drums performance and create lasting memories.


12. Lion Dance

The lion dance is a cultural performance that is a tradition in various East Asian regions. Traditionally, people used this dance to drive evil spirits away and bring fortune and joy. But today, it has become a performing art to entertain people. TMR Hong Kong is a specialist in lion dance. We have a highly creative and skillful team who can perform engaging and colorful lion dances at corporate events, weddings, promotional events, and other celebrations. Our artists dressed in lion-like attire can give different dance performances to mesmerize your audience.

By taking our lion dance performance services, you can spice up your event. Our performers appear wearing vibrant and unique lion dresses which represent male and female lions. Moreover, our lion dance performers put up a powerful show with their lifelike movements and gestures combined with acrobatics. You can customize your lion dance performance depending on your needs and budget. We can also integrate other performances like jugglers, clowns, etc., to make your entire event much more entertaining and joyful for the audience.


13. Robot Dance

Have you ever imagined dancing robots at your event? Do you want to give a cool, thrilling, and futuristic feel to your corporate event? TMR Hong Kong brings you an exciting and fun-filled robot dance to mesmerize your audience. Our fantastic robot performers impress your guests with their unique looks and robotic moves. The electrifying motions of our robots put up an eye-catching show with brilliant roaming performance filled with robotic interactions with your audience. Our mechanical dancers add excitement and liveliness to any atmosphere. These dancing robots are ideal for a variety of events making your event stand apart from others.

We can customize our robot dance according to your needs and budget. This mesmerizing robotic dance brings a smile to the faces of all people attending your event with their sleek dance moves and sci-fi costumes. You can harness endless possibilities by booking our robot dance, as they are a perfect choice for various events. You can also use them for your company’s branding and promotion by displaying your logos on their costumes. Our glamorous robot dancers are a perfect choice for any occasion, from parties to corporate events, promotional events to product launches, and trade shows.


14. Unicycling

Unicycling is unique entertainment that can surprise your audience. Hiring a unicyclist for your event is an unusual way to make your event a hit. TMR Hong Kong provides you with skillful and creative unicyclists who can perform various movements and tricks while riding on a unicycle. Our unicycle entertainers can even juggle balls or clubs, providing two kinds of entertainment in a single show. You can book unicyclists for both indoor and outdoor events and infuse a carnival-like feel into them.

We have an experienced team of unicyclists who have performed in a range of events from corporate to product launches, promotional events to private parties, weddings, and many others. These specialist unicycle performers can act alone or in groups according to your requirements. The more unicyclists you have at your event, the higher are the chances of attracting a massive audience.

Our unicyclists are brilliant wonder single-wheelers and entertain your audience in different formats. They can also mingle with your guests and spectators to do stunts or pose for photo booths or more. You can also book special high-energy performances for your special event.


15. Accordion

Accordion is a piano-like box-shaped instrument that gives out an intriguing and unique sound that everyone loves to listen to. Whether an accordion player is giving a stand-alone performance or playing it in a band, it offers melodious entertainment making the audience dance and sing. Accordion players at TMR Hong Kong offer music and fun for a wide range of events. Hiring our accordion expert is a great way to engage and entertain your audience and guests at corporate events, product launches or promotions, private events, weddings, or other events.

Our accordion performers are skillful in playing different music according to the taste and preference of the audience as well as your event’s theme. We ensure to give you the best available artists who set a joyful and exciting atmosphere for your event. Whether you want one player or more, our accordion players set the stage for your audience that they remember for a long time. Our artists can play standard, Italian, French, classic, pop, and any other music genre and give life to your event.


16. Performance Art

Do you want to organize a lifestyle event? Are you looking for a blend of unique art performances for your next event? We have you covered. At TMR Hong Kong, we are specialists in providing professional performance art services for your events. We give you numerous entertainment options in performing art to make your events inspiring and memorable. It’s not just our specialty but also our passion. We work with you to plan your exclusive event performance from start to finish allowing you to enjoy those special moments without stress. Our team adds the element of fun and entertainment that makes your event extraordinary.

We give you innovative ideas to entertain your audience through our creativity and expertise, leaving a lasting impression on their minds. Whether you’re planning a corporate event, product launch or promotion, birthday party, private event, or any other, we are at your service. Our artists have performed at thousands of events and know what elements spice up any event. We discuss your needs and budget to provide you with the best options that fit perfectly to your needs.


17. Chinese Acrobatics

Acrobatics has remained a vital component of Chinese culture and traditions since ancient times. Our daring acrobats perform remarkable and breathtaking styles that dazzle your audience. These unique performers provide a once-in-a-lifetime experience to your event attendees, which they never think of missing. Our skillful and experienced acrobats can perform bold routines with an exciting display of flexibility, strength, balance, and acrobatic movements. Our acrobats dress up in colorful costumes according to your event theme and present mesmerizing Chinese dance renditions that entertain and excite your audience.

We bring to you pure and high-quality Chinese entertainment that puts up a spectacular show. We constantly add new and unique styles to our Chinese acrobatics, such as diabolo, juggling, chair stack, spinning girls, and many more with a diverse range of acrobats. We provide you with a customizable Chinese acrobatics performance that you can book depending on your particular needs and preferences. These are indeed an amazing addition to any private party, promotional or corporate event, or any other occasion. You can book acrobats in groups for your upcoming event.


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Our company provides end-to-end event management services, including performances that’ll make your event a highlight of the town. We can arrange any type of event, from carnival to promotional marketing, game booths to redemption booths, acrobatics to festival parades, and much more.

Affordable and Flexible Pricing

When you hire us for your event arrangement, you don’t need to invest millions of dollars. We work with you to develop a customized event plan that not just meets your goals and objectives but also fits your budget.

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With TMR Hong Kong by your side, you don’t need to worry about arranging emergency events. By leveraging our resources, we quickly execute an event of any scale according to your needs at pocket-friendly rates.

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